Hambleton Local

A classic British bread made using local beer barm and a half white, half wholemeal flour from Whissendine Mill. It has a distinctive ‘hoppy’ taste and great texture. This bread is a good all rounder.

Handmade Sourdough from Hambleton Bakery image

Hambleton Sourdough

Made from a mixture of rye and wheat flour then fermented for 48 hours. This loaf makes great toast and is delicious with pates, hams and cheese. It makes the best toasted sandwich. Like a good wine the sour flavour improves with time.



Made from a 100% stoneground Boston organic wholemeal flour with the distinctive taste of wheat, this is a low GI loaf. Delicious toasted or used for sandwiches and brilliant for digestion.


Date and Walnut bread

This is a sourdough infused with walnuts and stoned dates. We then top it with pumpkin and sunflower seeds to finish it off. This bread was made for cheese, but is equally great on its own.


Fruit Loaf

Baked to an old Carter family recipe, this is full of fruit which has been soaked overnight in tea ensuring a moist fruity slice every time. Ideal toasted and buttered.



Flour milled from an ancient breed of grain low in gluten with a unique flavour. This is a favourite with our bakers and who add a little local honey to it. Great for sandwiches and toast.


White Sourdough Baton

A Mediterranean style bread with a chewy texture;  great for open sandwiches and bruschetta. It is equally good dipped in olive oil and flavoured vinegars  or buttered.


White Crusty Round

This is our Farmhouse style loaf! Lots of crust with a soft middle made for soups, stews, Ploughman’s lunches and sandwiches. Anyone who loves a crust will love this large round loaf.



Based on a Russian rye bread recipe with added malt and coriander seeds, this loaf is the perfect accompaniment for smoked fish, hams and pickles or cream cheese.


7 Cereal Tin

Similar to a granary bread with its own distinctive flavour. It enjoys a very soft texture perfect for a  sandwich.


English Muffins

Cooked on a griddle, this light buttery dough is classically English. Great for breakfast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or lunch with eggs Benedict or simply cut in half and toasted with butter – there is nothing quite like it!



This an old English bread enriched with butter and sugar. Perfect for the younger members of the family but enjoyed by young and old alike.


White Tin

This is a perfect sandwich loaf made the way the old masters used to make it with long fermentation. It has a springy texture unlike modern bread and is excellent toasted


We now stock three types of rolls (from left to right); white focaccia, Italian rustic and seven cereal.

Gluten Free

This loaf is made using gluten free flour, water, yeast & vegetable oil. This loaf is enjoyed my many customers who require a gluten free diet. (Since this loaf is made in our multipurpose bakery minute traces of air borne flour may be present.)