A Stockist’s Story – Lakeside Kitchen & Bar

A Stockist’s Story – Lakeside Kitchen & Bar

A Stockist’s Story – Lakeside Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant in Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough. From its vantage point overlooking Gunwade Lake, the restaurant offers wonderful views of the country park and provides unbeatable service. Lakeside have been supplied by Hambleton Bakery since 2013 - in this post, they share their reasons for choosing us and why they value Hambleton as their bread supplier.

A Toast to Hambleton Bakery

At Lakeside, we are passionate about sourcing the food we serve in our restaurant from local suppliers. This is important to us because it helps to ensure that the food we serve is as fresh as possible – owed to that fact that the distance it travels between supplier and our customers’ plates is kept to a minimum. In addition to this, sourcing produce from regional suppliers means that we are investing in local areas, ensuring that that our money goes towards supporting nearby businesses and communities. Our local Hambleton Bakery is in Oakham, which is ideal for us because this is only around a half an hour drive from our location in the heart of Ferry Meadows.

While sourcing our food locally is hugely important to us, as a restaurant we know which side our bread is buttered – so a great tasting product is vital to us too! Hambleton loaves rise to the occasion in this category as well - the batches we get from the bakery are consistently delicious and seem to capture the classic smell and taste of freshly baked bread. We love the fact that Hambleton employ a traditional baking process to make their bread, using stoneground flour and omitting additives - factors that mean their products retain all the nutrients of wheat.

We have quite a diverse menu so it’s great that Hambleton produce a similarly broad selection of breads to suit. This means we always have a great range to choose from, giving us the perfect option for every item on our menu - whether it’s sandwiches, a full English or soups. In short, we think Hambleton Bakery is the best thing since sliced bread!

Knead a Place to Host Your Party? As well as functioning as a restaurant and bar, Lakeside is available to hire for all variety of events, from wedding receptions to corporate meetings. To enquire about availability, please contact our friendly team on 01733 233218 or email raj.regmi@meadowbrownrestaurants.com.