Author & Real Bread Campaigner Andrew Whitley visits the Bakery - 6th March 2019

What a great day we all had with Bread Matters author and Real Bread Campaigner Andrew Whitley; it was an amazing opportunity to discuss new ideas, tastes and philosophies with one of the founders of the Real Bread revolution. Julian and Scott have long held the Bread Matters Book as a mantra for Hambleton Bakery: believing in long fermentation, local, quality ingredients as well as a passion for making bread in the traditional manner; in so doing producing bread that is full of nutrients, has health benefits and is abundant in flavour.

Our Borodinsky Rye has in fact been developed from Andrew Whitley recipe for Rye Bread.

Discussing the Health Benefits of long fermented breads was high on everyone’s agenda, as we had noticed those with both sugar and wheat intolerance seem to be able to consume our breads with little or no effect. It appears that the long fermentation method changes the Glycaemic Index in the bread; and in so doing reduces the GI content. And with regards to the wheat intolerance, it appeared that those consuming the Sourdough & Rye Breads benefit, as a number of the indigestible bacteria and enzymes had already been broken down during the fermenting process, therefore making these Breads more digestible.

Furthermore the Health Benefits of eating smaller quantities of good quality breads, benefit in two ways, the slow release of energy and the consumer no longer needing to eat piles of toast with butter and jam to satisfy their hunger. Eat Less = Feel Better

There was a lot of talk of ATI - or wheat inhibitor enzymes that are found in modern wheat; but that’s definitely a topic for another post; interesting nevertheless to understand the importance of good wheat selection by farmers; as of course all our Bread starts life in the fields of many parts of the UK & Europe.

All in all a wonderful visit -Thank you Andrew for taking the time to visit us here in Exton.