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Dark Sourdough

  • A mixture of wheat and rye flours, long fermented over a 48 hour period. It has a mild sour flavour which makes great toast and is delicious with pate, hams and cheese. Like a good wine, the flavour improves as it ages!
  • Wheat Flour, Wholemeal Spelt, Dark Rye Flour, Rye Malt, Sea Salt, Water. For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.
  • Product Nutrition Typical Values, Per 100g: Energy (kj) - 803.80, Energy (kcal) - 191.57, Fat (g) - 1.26, Saturates (g) - 0.06, Carbohydrate (g) - 40.07, Total Sugars (g) - 0.82, Protein (g) - 7.92, Salt (g) - 0.99

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dark Sourdough Taste

I don't understand the reviews praising the taste of this bread. Its taste is not good. Toasted and eaten with marmalade etc, its texture etc is fine. Eaten in a sandwich with tasty fillings, it's fine. However, eat it on its own and the taste is not good at all. Come on Hambleton, you can do better than this.

Marlene Williams
dark sourdough

always perfect

Jennifer Brennan
Dark Rye Sour Dough

Amazing. Love the Dark Rye Sour Dough

Dark Sourdough – Taste

Dear Julian Carter,

You'll recall that I stopped buying your Dark Sourdough many weeks ago – because I didn't like the taste – compared to your previous FABULOUS (!) Rye Sourdough.

Following that break, I tried it again – that was the disastrous "Pear-Drop" loaf, that I threw away.

Since then, I've now tried your Dark Sourdough a further 2 times. It is Very Much improved, since you started making it last March. Well Done!

I like the look of the loaf; I like the outer crust; I like the bread's colour – my loaves varying from golden yellow to darkish brown – and I like the bread's texture and chewiness.

However(!), PLEASE can you make some improvement to the taste. It's still no good! Sorry – but it's not!

And it's not just me thinking that. I spoke to 2 people inside your shop and 1 person outside, each of whom had stopped buying your Dark Sourdough – due to not liking the taste.

And – think about it – how many people complained about the over fermented leaven, that created too much alcohol and caused the pungent Pear Drop flavour and reeking smell? Not 1 other person in your St Ives shop. People maybe thought, that was the intended sourdough taste!

Yes, I see the praising reviews – but I guess those people never tried your Gorgeous Tasting, Rye Sourdough!

In your now revised Dark Sourdough, there is a taste, but I'm unable to define, or describe it. It is there; it's not strong; but it's not attractive and it leaves a slight piquant aftertaste, reminiscent of a tangy Persimmon plum.

Dear Mr Carter, Sir, you've improved your Dark Sourdough Greatly(!) – everything is now good: apart from the taste! And Taste is Everything – that's the reason for buying a bread!

In school teacher parlance, "Making good progress, but more work required!!"

10/10 for your many improvements: but as yet, merely 1/10 for the taste!

Mike Ward

Excellent flavour and texture as always

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