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Hambleton Sourdough

Hambleton Sourdough
Julian constantly reviews the flour mixes and techniques from which our loaves are made. He is aiming for perfection in crust and crumb with the best flavour.
We like to use local millers and farmers where the quality and character fits our bill.
As you know we are especially proud of our Sourdough loaves and we have been working on a continuous programme of improvement.
We think recent changes have delivered improvements in flavour, crust and appearance And hope you agree. Take an opportunity to try for yourself.
      Wildfarmed flour   Wildfarmed white bread flour
We have added about 20% "Wildfarmed" flour to our recipe for both White Sourdough and Dark Sourdough (new name explained below).
Wildfarmed is an organisation that promotes sustainable agriculture. Farmers who sign up with Wildfarmed to produce the grain that is milled for Wildfarmed flour use heritage wheat varieties, no chemical sprays and minimal artificial fertilisers. They are committed to natural methods of soil improvement. For more information see
The base flour which provides the biggest fraction of the recipe for both White and Dark Sourdough is an organic flour from master millers Marriage of Chelmsford.
 Marriages Millers   Whatton Farm Spelt Flour
In addition to the Wildfarmed element, the Dark Sourdough contains about 15% Spelt and 5% Rye from Whatton Farm Leicestershire.
In the shops we are changing the name of Rve Sourdough"to "Dark Sourdough" to reflect replacement of some of the Rye with local Spelt.
You can find our Dark Sourdough, along with the other 20 breads we have here.
All of our breads are available to purchase online for click and collect. Or why not visit us at our bakery and cafe at Exton or one of our shops

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