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Simply Your Gut Health in Safe Hands

  • 2 min read

Ever wondered why our bread tastes different from the bread you get in many supermarkets.... check out the ingredients labels on them; because we only ever use 3 or 4 ingredients, our bread is not only better for your gut health but also tastes just like traditional bread.

Ever wondered what these additives, improvers, emulsifiers, diphosphates and potassium cabonates are doing to the bread, other than the obvious extending the shelf life....many are speeding up the natural breakdown of gluten in production; when you use long fermentation methods, as we do for all our bread, the gluten is given time to breakdown, so it doesn't happen in your stomach, making our bread more digestible.

We have evidence from many customers over the years who find that our bread is digestible whilst 'industrial' or supermarket bread is not. This suggests that gluten is not the problem but the sped up industrial bread making process and /or additives required to make it work, are the issue.

Industrial bread is made very fast (1-2hrs) with a hi-tech process reliant on additives. (The Chorley Wood Bread process)

Traditional bread making involves a long and slow fermentation process taking as long as 24hrs or more like 48hrs for sourdough.

The purpose of fermentation is to make it lighter, more palatable but also more digestible. Humans cannot easily digest raw wheat. When the industrial bakers speed up the bread making process they compromise the digestibility of the finished loaf.

That is why our bread can safely be recommended to those who struggle with digestion of bread or bloating, BUT NOT TO COELIACS.

Our Sourdough bread have the longest fermentations and best digestibility: Sobieski, Wholemeal and Spelt loaves are also recommended; with the Spelt having the lowest amount of natural gluten found in any wheat.

Why not try it for yourself; see if our bread really does taste different, so much so you never want to go back to processed bread ever again!


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