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Latest News & Views on Healthy Bread

  • 2 min read

NEWS ARTICLE : Supermarkets accused of selling 'fake' sourdough bread, as Defra launches investigation
The Government is reviewing the country's loaf composition, labelling and marketing laws

Read in The Telegraph:

This makes for very interesting reading, we have long believed that the general public were being misled as far as Supermaket Sourdoughs were concerned, great to see its now being investigated.


We have long professed the benefits of eating Real Bread for good gut health as well as the benefits of buying local to make our products; this short program covers both these issues, and is well worth a listen.



Another interesting set of podcasts are with Dr Chris & Xand van Tulleken about UPF (ultra processed foods) they discuss the additional ingredients in UPF; these are ingredients that are not found in any domestic kitchen; 50% of all foods consumed in the UK today is UPF…. time to make a change we think…

If the ingredients are not found in your own kitchen don’t eat them in anything else…



Renowed journalist and garden designer Bunny Guinness visited us at the Bakery to discuss The Ultimate Sourdough with Julian Carter; see the full film below (for HB extract see 30.02).


Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley is the ultimate bread bible that Julian and all artisan bakers refer to when trying new sourdough ideas

ISBN 9780007203741                               

Poilane is the French version - a great reference book for all things artisan, from one of the best traditional bakeries in Paris and London.

ISBN 9781328810786

Real Bread Campaignalso have a good book out 


Knead to Know More ISBN 9781903060674

they are currently running a campaign to get all your local MPs to write to government to change the ruling of supermaket bread labeling.... see below

If you're in the UK and have taken 2 minutes to write to your MP (and, if you're a bakery owner or worker, have also signed our joint letter to the head of Defra) at this critical moment, thank you!

If not please, please. pleasedo so now. Stop reading this and click here.

Rather than hundreds, we need thousands of people to write to their MPs. We also needs every bakery owner - and as many of their employees as possible - to sign the letter to Defra.

Then please keep spreading the word, via social media, enewsletters, websites, word of mouth, whatever.

It's up to you to show it's not just me calling for your Real Bread Campaign's Honest Crust Act proposals.

Thank you as always, Chris. 




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