Give your favourite people the greatest gift of all…. beautiful bread and pastries!

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How to Make Bread with Julian Carter

  • 1 min read
 The “No Knead” to Knead Method!


1 Kg Strong Bread Flour
700 ml Warm Water
30 g Yeast
5 g Salt
TOTAL Weight 1.735 kilos
Mix Water & Yeast together
Add Flour & Mix to paste
Leave for 30 minutes
Add Salt & knead through dough
Transfer to Oiled container & cover
Leave for 1.5-2 hrs at room temperature until double in size
Tip dough out on to table, release air & Round
Cover Dough & Leave to Rest
Divide Dough & Round
Cover & leave to Rest
Shape into whatever you want; tin loaf, crusty round, pizza or baguette
Prove dough till double in size
Bake in 230C (time dependent on size)
YouTube Tutorial Link:
Making Bread Part 2 - Making Pizza

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